Unit test tutorial (1/3) Fundamentals

Unit test is basically protecting code from yourself (from people in general). Let me show some example in this language independent unit test tutorial. We all do mistakes, we all thinking focused around specific bulk of things at a time (even in this Unit test tutorial as you will see). We cannot keep eyes on […]

Unity Android plugin tutorial (2/3) Project setup and workflow

In the previous part of this tutorial series Unity Android plugin tutorial 1. Fundamentals I emphasized the importance of encapsulation of our plugin, mainly in order to work seamlessly with other plugins. This part is more of a classic step-by-step tutorial, where I show a convenient project setup, build workflow I found productive when creating […]

Unity Android plugin tutorial (1/3) Fundamentals

While Unity Android plugin development enables deep integration with mobiles, finding the right Unity Android plugin workflow is not that easy as you might think. Many sources encourage extending :UnityPlayerActivity:, as the source of your plugin, however, this approach really sources compatibility issues with other plugins.