Unity Android plugin tutorial (2/3) Project setup and workflow

In the previous part of this tutorial series Unity Android plugin tutorial 1. Fundamentals I emphasized the importance of encapsulation of our plugin, mainly in order to work seamlessly with other plugins. This part is more of a classic step-by-step tutorial, where I show a convenient project setup, build workflow I found productive when creating […]

Unity Android plugin tutorial (1/3) Fundamentals

While Unity Android plugin development enables deep integration with mobiles, finding the right Unity Android plugin workflow is not that easy as you might think. Many sources encourage extending :UnityPlayerActivity:, as the source of your plugin, however, this approach really sources compatibility issues with other plugins.

Advanced custom WordPress excerpt

Customizing WordPress excerpt is essential once content gets grow on a WordPress site. Unfortunately the usual inline HTML output echoed out straight from PHP makes maintaining such modules quiet cumbersome. Custom WordPress excerpt // Include this to your ‘function.php’ somehow. function excerpt_filter($excerpt) { return ‘Customized’.$excerpt; } add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘excerpt_filter’); While creating a custom WordPress excerpt is […]